Canine public policies shouldn’t be created from media reports

Dr. Gary Patronek and his colleagues, the authors of a ten-year study of dog bite-related fatalities (DBRF) did something not attempted before or since—they gathered their data from massive accumulations of reports and interviews done by officials, from investigating officers to coroners and pathologists. Previous work on the subject had always been based on collections […]

NCRC Interview with Bill Bruce on Ineffective Dog Laws


Bill Bruce, Calgary’s Director of Animal and By-Law Services discusses ineffective dog laws such as breed-specific legislation, pet limit laws, and mandatory spay-neuter, and why these broad-based forms of legislation are ineffective. NCRC Interview with Bill Bruce on Ineffective Dog Laws

Winnipeg, Manitoba far behind Calgary in community safety


A paper published last week in the Journal Injury Prevention attempted to make the case that “pit bull” bans in Manitoba may have been effective in reducing dog bite injury hospitalizations (DBIH, in the language of the paper).  [1]  In attempting to do so, however, the authors revealed that the bans, applicable to the overwhelming […]