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Breed restrictions divide communities

Breed restrictions, whether they are in legislation or in policy, are designed to exclude people, not dogs, from services and from communities at large. They serve as a way for society to weaponize the relationship between dogs and their people to uphold several forms of institutionalized discrimination.

Advocacy Resources

We’ve gathered scientific research, opinion statements, and legal documents to help you hold institutions accountable for their use of anti-science restrictions designed to exclude marginalized individuals from communities.


Housing Insurance

We’re holding the housing insurance industry accountable for its use of bad and incomplete data to enforce dog breed restrictions, which are a legacy of redlining.

The Canine Genome

Canine genetics tell us that a dog’s looks do not equal its behavior, even in purebred dogs. Thus making breed restrictions an unscientific way to keep communities safe.

Breed-Specific Legislation

BSL criminalizes responsible dog owners based solely on what their family pet looks like. It’s enforced subjectively, and often at the expense of marginalized individuals.

BSl Legal Action Fund

Lawmakers need to be held accountable for upholding legislation that has no supporting scienctific data and a history of violating constitutional rights. That’s why we’re helping dog owners take them to court.


Take Our Breed Restrictions Survey

Along with our grantee, My Pit Bull Is Family, we’re gathering data and stories from families affected by breed restrictions. Help us out by taking the survey and sharing your story, because breed restrictions suck.

I work in rescue and am constantly seeing the effect of breed restrictions in all the dogs we are unable to rehome to certain buildings or areas.

Breed restrictions suck