Bill Bruce


Bill BruceMr. Bill Bruce is the former Director of The City of Calgary’s Animal & Bylaw Services, a position he held from 2000 to 2012. During his tenure, Mr. Bruce was instrumental in the creation of a model “responsible pet ownership” community, which made Calgary one of the most companionable cities in North America for both people and their pets. Mr. Bruce addressed public officials, animal control conferences and humane associations throughout North America on the success of “The Calgary Model of Responsible Pet Ownership.”

Mr. Bruce earned a Bachelor’s degree in Technology and has a Certification in Conflict Resolution. Mr. Bruce brings his unique experience in community policy, leadership, communication, issue management, compliance, and enforcement to National Canine Research Council, where he has been an advisor since 2010. 

See Mr. Bruce’s 2010 video interview (right) where he discusses ineffective dog laws such as breed-specific legislation, pet limit laws, and mandatory spay/neuter, and why these broad-based forms of legislation are ineffective.

Contributions by Bill Bruce

The Calgary Model of Responsible Pet Ownership

Mr. Bruce’s 2010 video interview: