Donald Cleary

Policy and Research Consultant

Donald Cleary Bio Pic 2020Mr. Cleary is a Policy and Research Consultant for National Canine Research Council, and the founding Treasurer of Animal Farm Foundation, Inc. In his former capacity as National Canine Research Council Director of Communications and Publications, he served as general editor of the Council’s print and web publications. He also addressed veterinary and law students, animal control, and humane organizations at conferences and meetings throughout the U.S. on various aspects of the human-canine relationship: shifting popular attitudes towards dogs, media response to dog bite-related injuries, and animal control policy and practices.

He has collaborated on papers published by the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the US Department of Justice. As of 2020, he is currently at work on a study of the animal sheltering industry in the US. Retired following a thirty-year career in commercial book publishing, he lives in Florida

Mr. Cleary has been a Policy and Research Consultant since 2014.

Contributions by Donald Cleary