InJustice In Williston, ND

Dog Owners Are Being Arrested, Dogs are Being Taken From Their Families - and none of them ever hurt anyone

Unconstitutional Laws

BSL is a civil rights issue, not an animal rights one. It violates people’s constitutional rights and in the case of Williston, North Dakota, can subject dog owners to unconstitutional search and seizure of their property.

Williston, North Dakota, has had a “pit bull” dog ban since 1987. Like all breed-specific legislation (BSL), it is inspired by scientifically disproven stereotypes and enforced with opinion-based visual breed identification, leaving dog owners unsure whether or not their dog is considered “dangerous” by the city. The subjective nature of these laws mean that they do nothing to address actual dangerous dog behavior and irresponsible owners.

Join us in funding the million dollar lawsuit we are helping dog owners bring against the city.

Reannan's Story

The city once impounded a 14 week old puppy named Duchess. When Duchess reunited with her person, Reannan Suckley, she was emaciated, covered in hot spots, had bloody stool, and had Giardia from defecating and eating in the same kennel for the six weeks she was in the custody of the city.

Reannan was charged with a Class B misdemeanor, labeling her a criminal, all because she owned a puppy who had never bitten or harmed anyone.

With our breed-specific legislation legal action fund, we’re funding a lawsuit on behalf of Reannan and other dog owners to sue the city of Williston and protect their rights.

How can you help?

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