The Real Dog: What We Know and What We Don’t (Yet)


The SPARCS Conference is a three-day scientific conference hosted by National Canine Research Council that blends the format of a traditional academic conference with a format that is welcoming, friendly, and engaging for all audiences. 

At SPARCS animal behavior scientists present, discuss, and debate their findings. Six prestigious speakers will give in-depth talks pertaining to this year’s theme of canine behavioral genetics. They’ll talk about how they set up their research designs and what they discovered, and what they think should be investigated next. 

Each of the 3 days concludes with a panel discussion sparked by questions from the audience, both in the room and around the world, including many still open questions where the scientists may or may not agree.

This conference puts the brightest minds and most ground-breaking information into one three day event and makes it accessible to everyone.

No more excuses about the cost of a good education. 

Whether you are a researcher, a student, or simply a person who wants to better understand your own animal companions, the SPARCS experience gives you access to rigorous, cutting-edge science that addresses your questions for free.

Technology offers us the opportunity to bring you that knowledge. You can watch and listen to these brilliant scientists via any device that can stream. 

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Dates: June 1st-June 3rd

Conference Streaming Live (EST) on:

Follow Along: #SPARCS18