Pet Professional Guild 2017 Summit

Janis Bradley will be presenting at the Pet Professional Guild 2017 Summit. November 18th: 830-1030am: In Defense of Anthropomorphism: When is a Dog Like a Person? November 20th: 1215-130pm: Are we creating Helicopter Pet Parents? Studies with Implications for the Unintended Consequences of Hypervigilance. Location: Orlando, Florida Additional Information:

What lies within us: Mobilizing to end breed specific legislation

What lies within us: Mobilizing to end breed specific legislation For years, advocates have battled breed-specific legislation (BSL), fighting for their rights through repeal efforts. BSL ordinances are being repealed rapidly and it’s only a matter of time before BSL is eliminated from public policy entirely, even at the federal level. But more challenges lie […]

Interdisciplinary Forum for Applied Animal Behavior Meeting

Friday February 24: 11:20-12:00: Janis Bradley & Amy Marder will present “Do the math: behavior evaluations flunk”   Saturday February 25:  3:50-4:20: Kelsea Brown, Sasha Protopopova, & Janis Bradley will present “Attitudes toward and perceptions of canine problem behaviors”   Attendence is limited to those presenting. For additional information on the program schedule:

Breed-Specific Legislation Panel

Pet Professional Guild World Services Radio Show on Breed-Specific Legislation. 12 Noon EDT “Janis Bradley, the Director of Communications and Publications at National Canine Research Council, will be joining us to talk about Breed Specific Legislation – why it does not work and why, if we wish to lower the incidence of dog bites, she recommends […]