Rhode Island Becomes Third State This Year to Preempt Breed-Specific Legislation.


Governor Lincoln Chafee has signed[1] into law a bill that prohibits any Rhode Island city or town from regulating dogs or cats on the basis of breed. Rhode Island becomes the third state this year, and the 16th state overall, to enact a breed preemption statute. The law took effect immediately upon Governor Chafee’s signature. […]

NCRC Video Interview with Janis Bradley


Janis Bradley, veteran dog trainer and author of the NCRC Vision Series publication, ‘The Relevance of Breed in Selecting a Companion Dog,’ discusses whether breed is a useful indicator of the suitability of a companion dog. Click to view other NCRC Video interviews. 

NCRC Interview with Bill Bruce on Ineffective Dog Laws


Bill Bruce, Calgary’s Director of Animal and By-Law Services discusses ineffective dog laws such as breed-specific legislation, pet limit laws, and mandatory spay-neuter, and why these broad-based forms of legislation are ineffective. NCRC Interview with Bill Bruce on Ineffective Dog Laws

Massachusetts joins the ranks of states with breed-specific legislation (BSL) preemptions


Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed an historic, comprehensive overhaul of the state’s animal control regulation on Thursday, August 2, 2012.[1] Among the important reforms included in the bill are provisions that a dog may not be declared dangerous solely on the basis of breed, and that no city or town can regulate dogs in a manner that […]