Hoping to increase the odds of choosing a healthy doggy companion? THINK MIX

Looking to prioritize your canine companions well-being from the get-go? Consider embracing the charm and health benefits of mixed-breed companionship. Renowned cognitive scientist Alexandra Horowitz recently shed light on the alarming consequences of closed gene pools in purebred dogs. In her thought-provoking piece for The New York Times, she unveils the startling truth: many pedigreed dogs suffer […]

Introducing “The Relevance of Breeding in Choosing a Pet Dog”

Relevance of Breed

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest version of the publication, “The Relevance of Breeding in Choosing a Pet Dog” This booklet, part of our NCRC Vision Series, delves into the important topic of how “breed” plays a role in choosing a companion dog. As a non-profit canine behavior science and policy […]

The Truth Behind Dog Impulses: What They Mean and How They Shape Behavior

The beagle dog in sunny autumn forest. Alerted huond searching for scent and listening to the woods

You cry. I feel weepy. We all have impulses that just pop up naturally, and unless we have learned to inhibit them for some reason, we tend to act them out whenever the trigger events for them happen. They don’t need to make sense in a “thinking about it” way. In people, these can […]

Two Myths about Behavior Evaluations for Shelter Dogs

You might think behavior evaluations make placing shelter dogs safer. But, research shows that some of the most common beliefs about shelter dogs and evaluations are actually just myths. Myth #1 Dogs living in shelters are behaviorally different from dogs living with families There is a prevailing myth that shelter dogs are “damaged” or “have […]

Eighth Circuit Court Fails to Protect Dog Owners’ Rights

Eighth circuit court fails to protect dog owners rights

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to protect the constitutional rights of dog-owning citizens of Council Bluffs, Iowa. The court decided not to reconsider en banc the summary judgment granted to the City of Council Bluffs, Iowa, in the suit challenging the constitutionality of an ordinance prohibiting “pit bulls.” The court’s rejection of constitutional rights, as well as the scientific advances at the broad institute, lays a foundation for seizing innocent pet dogs.